Friday, June 10, 2011

May Vacation Part 3: The Beach

We attended church with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Carl Sunday morning.  Then, we left Greenville, SC and headed to Garden City, SC.  We had reserved an oceanfront condo so we'd be very close to the ocean for the week.   It was on the 17th floor!  When we arrived, we were all thrilled with it.  The view, the beds, the towelly sculptures on our beds, the view!!  Did I mention the view?  I am not a fan of heights, but I have to admit, it was beautiful.
Admiring our living quarters for the week
(click on the picture to zoom in and see each picture)

Ocean view-a pier about half a mile away.

Marsh View on the backside

Manta Rays in the water

From our balcony, we saw Manta Rays swimming in the waves.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.  Can you see them in the waves?  They look a little like brown paper bags floating under the water.

The kids helped us unpack the van and wanted to go down to the water right away.  And, who are we kidding, so did we!  So we let them change clothes soon after we got there and we headed on down.  It was a warm day, but the water was still a little cool.  The kids didn't care one bit though and warmed up to it pretty quickly. 

They were all so happy to be at the ocean.  All 4 of them running and splashing.

Grace was so excited, I don't think her feet touched the ground much at all.
(click on the picture to zoom in and see each picture)

Nathan loves dirt so he was feeling right at home in all that sand.
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Connor seemed to be getting a feel for the water and the pull of the waves.
(click on the picture to zoom in and see each picture)
Rachel was just a big kid.  Jumping waves and letting them pull her into shore.
(click on the picture to zoom in and see each picture)

Then, the cousins came out to play too!
(click on the picture to zoom in and see each picture)

Ella got to be in the water for the first time.

A tiny crab the kids found on the beach.  You can click on the picture and see him looking right at you!
Another crab, but this one wasn't quite as friendly.

I took this from our balcony.  Can you pick out the kids in the water?

We love the ocean.  It's always so amazing to stand on the shore and look out over such a vast sea and know that God made all of that.  He knows exactly how many grains of sand are on that beach and how many grains of sand we took home in our van!  I can't help but stand there and think about how He has all of that Power, can do anything, and makes things SO beautiful and yet, He loves me.  Me?!  More on things we learned while we were there as we finish our posts this next week.   Besides, we took so many pictures at the beach, it will take me a few more posts to get them all in.  But we really loved it all and hope to be able to share it with you!

"And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good."
Genesis 1:10

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Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like you and your family had a wonderful Vacation! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. The pictures are great! A family memory that will last a lifetime:)