Thursday, June 09, 2011

"May Vacation part 2" or "Dancing.....*gasp*"

Our first stop was Greenville, SC for Cousin Sarah's wedding.  The wedding was beautiful.  I have been to so many weddings, but I especially love (and take notes for our children's weddings at) the weddings that are very, very Christ-centered.  Where the couples make it obvious that they are committed to making Christ the priority in their relationship and home.  We have even heard the plan of salvation at a wedding, which I thought was perfect!

In Sarah's wedding, besides the fact that Sarah and Andrew were sure to make it known that Christ would be the center of their home, we also noted something else that we loved.  The ceremony began with a transfer of headship from the Father of the Bride to the Groom.  According to Scripture, the Husband and Father is the leader, or head, of the home (Genesis 3:18, Ephesians 5:22, Colossians 3:18 and others).  He is the Spiritual and physical leader of the home.  Upon marriage of a daughter, the headship would then be transferred to the groom.  We've always seen this implied in weddings, but in Sarah's wedding, it was part of the ceremony and made as a verbal statement that Sarah's father, Carl, was ready and willing to transfer headship over to Andrew.

I believe this spoke volumes of Carl's acceptance of Andrew as his new son and head of his daughter Sarah, but also of Sarah and Andrew's respect for Carl as their father.  It was an open statement to all present that Sarah and Andrew believe in that Biblical model.  In our world today where people are not honoring their mothers and fathers and where committments and vows mean very little, it was so refreshing to see these young people so committed to God's Plan laid out in His Word.  It was a blessing to see that.

(Right here, I have this beautiful picture of Andrew and Sarah I wanted to share, but my computer is being moody, so I will have to update this post with the picture later)

The ceremony was over and we went to another location for the reception.  Now, I must preface this with one, whoppin' statement:  This was in the SOUTH.  South Carolina, to be exact.  I LOVE the South.  We lived in North Carolina for 4 years and we always say that before we moved there, we thought we were FROM the south.  Then we moved to North Carolina.  This reception held true to all standards set by Southern Living Catalogs and cookbooks.  Everything was absolutely beautiful.  The tables, the food, the location-a beautiful plantation style home in the country, even a play area for the children, it was all wonderful.

Rachel with Cousin Ella
 Something that Sarah and Andrew included in this reception was dancing.  Yes.....*dancing*...  Sarah and Andrew enjoy old fashioned swing dancing.  The type of dancing our grandmas and great grandmas danced on Friday nights after everyone had worked hard on the farm during the week.  Good, clean, old-fashioned fun.  

Grace and Cousin Emma

Now, we do believe that often dancing is done in a negative and provocative way and that, we believe, is unacceptable. There are also unacceptable places and unacceptable partners for dancing.  We agree that there are many (probably most in this day and age) types of dancing that are NOT pleasing to God- whatsoever.  Nor are they pleasing to your momma and daddy, and certainly not the Baptist church lady and no way are you gonna convince us they are.  But, this was a refreshing alternative to those types of dancing.  This was the sweet kind of dancing that I'd tell my momma and daddy about.

Connor with Cousin Emma
(this was taken with a cellphone so forgive the poor quality)

Rachel with Cousin Ella
(also taken with a cell phone)

One of our favorite parts of the evening was when Connor asked his great grandmother Marge to dance with him.  The excited and proud look on her face was precious.  And, you can see by this video that she remembers those Friday nights after working hard all week.  She was a natural!  And Connor...well, he was just plain sweet......sweet as Southern Iced Tea.

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
Genesis 2:24


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