Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving to the new house..

Today begins round 2 of our move begins today. Last weekend we moved 5200 lbs.   This week, we will make 2 more trips the next few days & then the movers come next week to finish us off. We are also working to get our new house up to code to get our foster care license-several extra things required there.  We have already installed the baby gates necessary (3 wall mounted gates).  We also have added extra railing to the deck because the rails were spaced too far apart.  We still have to cover the underside of the deck and also secure a few areas in the back to make them safer for children.  I have our floorplans drawn up and ready to turn in along with our mound of paperwork that is required to license a new house.

Presently, the plan is for our current foster children to move with us to the new house.  They have a lot going on right now with their biological family so December will be a very tough month on the children.  Please pray for them during this whole transition.

I'm so thankful for sweet neighbors who are including us as family for Thanksgiving since we are yet AGAIN moving the week of Thanksgiving.  We moved to this house last year on November 22nd and now we are moving to another house this year during Thanksgiving time.  We are pretty sure that we will be at this house for the next 3 Thanksgivings!

Thank you all for your prayers during this move for us and for our foster children.   We are already worn out and it's just beginning!

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

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