Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our house today

Today, our house is full of sleepyheads.  In fact, we're all just about to lay down and take naps.  Days like this always remind me of one of our favorite books to read to the kids.  The Napping House by Audrey Wood.

When the kids were little, we found this book at the bookstore.  We read it there and the kids loved it so much, we took it home.  I think when they were little, they mostly liked it because the first person napping was a "Granny".  And that's what they call their grandma (and what I-Kathy-called my grandma until my teen years).

So, we thought we'd share one of our favorite books with YOU!  Enjoy this while our house, our napping house with 7 sleepy children and one sleepy mommy, go and take a nap!

"When thou liest down , thou shalt not be afraid : yea, thou shalt lie down , and thy sleep shall be sweet."
Proverbs 3:24


RobandKathy Gandy said...

We SO enjoy your wonderful blog!! We won't always comment, but we read every entry. Thank you SO much for sharing your sweet family with us. This book is one we've never seen before. It will be shared with our grandchildren! Love you all!!

Our Army of Six said...

Kathy, Thank you so much. It means to world to us to hear from you and your encouragement SO often! We just love you and Rob so much. Maybe sometime we can get down for a visit and a trip down memory lane!

We all love this book still. If you get it...You can't see in the video but on about the 2nd page, you can see the 'flea' over on the left side and as you go through the book he gets closer and closer to the bed :) So, every time, our kids would look on each page for the flea! :) Enjoy!!