Monday, June 23, 2014

Noah Jack

Noah Jack is our 6th child and youngest son.  We met Noah the same day we met Lily.  He lived in the same home with her.  We arrived at the home and visited with Lily.  She decided to take a nap.  So, we played with Noah while we learned more about Lily.

Needless to say, he melted our hearts and we adored him.  During the visit, the caseworker and foster mom both commented how Noah was also searching for his forever home.  Our focus was on Lily, but we did make a mental note.

As we were leaving the home, Noah came to Andy and grabbed his pants legs on each side.  He was teeny tiny and looked all the way up at Andy with pleading eyes.  The caseworker joked and said "He says this is a package deal! You take her, I come too!"  We laughed and said our good byes for the time.  When we got in the truck to leave, Andy turned and said "I want the package deal!"

At the time, we had two bonus kiddos (foster children) with us, plus we were adopting Lily.  We doubted we would be approved to add another child.  Twenty minutes after leaving their home, the phone rang and it was our other caseworker telling us those bonus kiddos would be going home soon.  That was the confirmation we needed to take the first step and see where God lead.  By the time we made it home, we had made the call, applied and four months later we were notified that he was ours!

Noah has brought such joy and laughter to our home.  He has a hilarious sense of humor packed into a tiny body.  He loves to help out, loves to climb, and loves to RUN!

 On the drive home that day Kathy declared she would name him Noah Jack.  She had wanted to name Connor Noah but we decided on Jacob Connor for him.  Jack is the name of Andy's beloved grandfather and we wanted to honor him.  When Noah was really to become ours, we wanted to keep a small piece of his original name for him like we did for Lily.  So we tweaked it a little and named him Noah Jackson Ray.  But we call him Noah Jack.

We are so blessed.

"And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me." Matthew 18:5

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