Friday, February 24, 2012

January sewing

When our bonus kiddos arrived over a year and half ago, Rachel and I were in the middle of several sewing projects and had even more sewing plans.  Rachel had purchased her own simple, basic machine using her own babysitting money.  Andy bought me a very nice machine to use.  However, with the addition of the new children and soon-to-be-discovered strong needs, we had to set those aside.  Days led to weeks and weeks to months and the projects were not completed.  Then, we moved to a new home and things became even more busy so we were not able to sew much at all.

So, in January we set aside a couple weeks and worked on several projects.  The first were matching dress and skirt for Rachel and Grace.
(sorry about the quality, these were taken with my phone)

Then, Rachel and I tackled a huge project and made our first Rag Quilt and matching pillowsham for Memaw's new home near us.  This project actually took about 35 hours but it was well worth it.  We love how it turned out and hope to make several more in the future.

After that, we made birthday outfits for our 2 bonus kiddos who have January birthdays.  Even though they were at their new family, we wanted to bless them with birthday outfits to celebrate their new ages.
For little man who turned 3:
For young lady who turned 7 (Grace is modelling):
Rachel also made a really cute outfit for a little friend turning 5.  She came up with the plans and sewed it all herself from start to finish.  She even made the handles for the little purse!:
She is really becoming quite a little seamstress and is saving up for a new, better machine to help make projects move a lot smoother and more quickly.

We also sewed a couple other dresses and another skirt, but I don't have pictures of those.  After 2 weeks of sewing, it was time to get back to homeschooling.  Now we sew a little at a time maintaining our current projects.

"She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."
Proverbs 31:13

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Rebekah said...

Everything looks amazing! You and Rachel are super talented!!