Saturday, November 12, 2011

Andy Knee Surgery

Andy has battled a meniscus bucket-handle tear in his right knee for a few months.  He hurt it during PT back in August.  Thursday, he had surgery to repair it.  We thought they would go in and remove the loose part of his meniscus that kept flapping over and causing excruciating pain and his knee to 'lock-up'.  When they got inside his knee, the damage was a little more extensive (maybe the piece was a little bigger) and the doctor decided to do another procedure as well.  The doctor did a procedure called Micro fracture where he had to drill holes into Andy's bone.

Andy went into surgery believing he would be able to walk afterwards (slowly, of course) and came out of surgery being told that he now has 3-6 weeks of non-weight bearing recovery time.  He cannot put weight on his left leg and is using crutches.  So, he's a little disappointed but handling it well.

We took a family vote and decided not to include pictures from his actual surgery in this blog post ('re welcome..).  But I just cannot contain myself and I must tell you that the piece of the meniscus removed from his knee really resembled a severed, somewhat bloody, pointer finger.

You're welcome :)

Here's the patient:
(Isn't he handsome? Sorry for the poor picture quality, I took it with my phone)

He's moving from here to bed and back again.  This afternoon he got out and went to Grandpa's house to watch football while the kids and I ran to town.
His crutches are VERY tall.  They come up to just above my nose.  (I love my tall fella!).
Although it is slowing him down physically, it is not keeping him from work-he does a lot of work from his phone:
Please pray for his recovery.  He's doing well right now, but I know it will be hard for him to not be able to do his regular activities for a while.  Plus, his right leg and hip are already aching from the strain of it all. 

"Thy words have upholden him that was falling, and thou hast strengthened the feeble knees."
Job 4:4

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