Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Very special gift(s)

Two weekends ago, our dear friends-the Harris Family-came to visit with us.  They came all the way here to stay with our children so that Andy and I could have an entire weekend away without children.  Andy and I had a great time and I'll blog about that trip later.  As always, our children had a very special time with the Harris family.  CC came with a plan!  They did all sorts of silly excursions, went out to eat, went to Walmart, stayed up late, had a Wii tournament and all the other typical fun stuff associated with a typical visit with our friends.

But, back to CC's plan.  CC came up with an idea to make something very special for Andy and I and our family.  But first, a little history.  Our family and the Harris family have been friends for several years now.  We were fast friends and so were our children.  CC and I have worked side by side on many a crazy VBS project or endeavor.   We have spent much time at each others' homes and everyone-including the men and kids have spent many hours up late visiting, playing games together, and just enjoying sweet fellowship with like-minded Christians.  They are currently raising support to enter the mission field. 

So, our families have spent a lot of time together and CC decided to commemorate that by making something to demonstrate or represent some of those times.  She asked all 7 children (our 4 and her 3) about some of their favorite memories together.  Then, she had them draw some pictures of those times.  After that, her and the older children went to work.  They made a quilt to show some of those times.  And they made it IN ONE WEEKEND!  And here was the finished product:
Look at this sweet, sweet gift.  It made me teary when I saw the pieces and they were finishing them when we got home.  I just couldn't believe the labor of love that all of them, but especially CC had taken on for us.
While I know that these are only really important to us, I thought I might explain a little of what each of the applique squares represents.

1. Popcorn and Dicecapades.  If you haven't played this game, you're missing out.  It's a blast-especially surrounded by 10 children at midnight.  No lie, try it. It'll change your life.
2.  A creek, with a bridge and rope swing near their home when they were at Missionary training school through New Tribes Misisons.  We took pictures of the children on that bridge 2 years ago.  You can see the rope swing right behind Nathan's head in this picture.
3. On a visit to see the Harris family, we rowed across the lake near their home to a cabin built in the woods.  It had been built by missionary students.  When we arrived, some of us were checking out the inside and suddenly heard a terrible scream outside.  I recognized it as Grace and ran out to see her.  Right in front of her (just a few feet) was a copperhead snake slithering across her path.  She was so scared she couldn't move.  It's a big memory for all of our kiddos.

4.  Our families have spent a few Christmastimes together.
5. Our Family :)

6. Once, their family visited ours at Ft. Leavenworth.  It had snowed like crazy and the kids took that opportunity to built a gigantic snowfort.  They stocked up on an arsenal of snowballs while their daddies were at the store and then attacked them when they came home.
7.  This one was about some game the kids had made up in the backyard involving chasing our pet bunny rabbit.  I didn't quite get the gist of the game :)

8.  When their family came to visit, we stayed up until after midnight playing a game called Mexican Train.  It's a domino game with different levels of sorts.  Everyone had a blast playing and singing Veggie Tales like drunken sailors.
9.  Their family.

10.  We have each helped each other and/or our families move a few different times.

11.  When they were going through Missionary training at New Tribes Missions, they lived near a lake.  There was a private beach set up just for the missionary students and their families.  It had a really neat rope swing and a pier that you could swim out and jump off into the lake.   The kids had a blast swinging out on the rope swing.  We visited them here a couple of times.
13.  When we lived in Oklahoma and the kids would visit.  They would dress up our poor kitty, Shaylee.  The funny part of this story is that when we first got Shaylee, we thought he was a girl.  Well, later, we realized he wasn't a girl.  However, the dress up did not cease.

14.  Visiting them at New Tribes, we had a campfire and roasted Marshmallows and told stories around the campfire.

15.  Mrs. CC was given some zucchini squash that she needed to use up.  It was a really large squash so she decided to use it for a zucchini casserole.  In order to get the kids excited about trying something new, they all got together and decided to name it something fun.  The result?  "Ogre Eye Casserole".  (By the way, it was delicious!).

16.  This happened during this weekend while we were away.  They went to Walmart for supplies and ended up in a straight line by height.  They walked all through Walmart this way.  Connor laughed and said "You'll never get a picture of that!"  Well, buddy, hardy har har....I've got spies!!  So, Mrs. CC and Mr. Joey had all of their "Ducks in a Row" which attracted a few stares and many giggles.
So, that is the sweet, special gift we came home to.  Isn't CC amazingly talented?  We are so thankful for our friends.  So thankful they came all this way to keep the kids just for us to have some time together and so thankful that they love on our children so much.  They are truly a blessing to our family.  Thank you Harris Family!

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."
Proverbs 18:24

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