Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace!

Happy 8th Birthday
Grace Olivia Mae
Our very happy, very energetic little girl that's always kept us on our toes.
We remember the day she was born.  One week past her due date.   That September was so full of other activities that we just knew she would come early.  Andy had recently returned from deployment and was readjusting to daily life.  September 17 brought Hurricane Isabel.  It was our first hurricane.  People teased us that we would go into labor that day.  Andy's Dad's birthday is September 23rd and I was so determined to have her that day, I went out in the warm weather and mowed our entire 1/3 acre yard trying to put myself into labor so she could be born ON his birthday!  I remember finishing up the last few stripes and looking up to see Andy standing there shaking his head at me as he had just come home from work.  We did not get our baby girl then either.
Nope, she came when she was ripe and ready.  Labor began Friday afternoon September 26 and our sweet neighbor came over to sit with the kids while we went to the hospital to be there all night waiting.  Grace came right after 6:00 am the next day.
(Grace with a birthday present from Connor and wearing her birthday present from Aunt Bekah, Uncle Ryan and Kids)

She has been such a JOY to us.  We named her Grace because we had seen so much of God's Grace in our life to that point.  Totally undeserving, God had blessed us with each other and then followed that up with 4 beautiful children.  We were and still are in complete awe of His Goodness.
She's such a little fireball, a mean soccer defender, loves to sing and dance to praise the Lord, has a very sweet heart for her younger bonus siblings (and older too ;), LOVES her daddy and we are so blessed to have her in our family.  And don't call her Gracie!  A few years ago when she learned to write her name, she began to notice the 'nickname'.  She asked "Why do people keep putting an "I" in my name?"  Every now and then we still get away with it though.  We love her sweet and giving spirit. Happy birthday, Grace!
Grace had a soccer game tonight on her birthday.  She scored 1 goal and her team won!
I actually remembered to grab the camera for this game and shot a few videos.

Here's a video of her goal (sorry it's blurry, and the screaming is my good friend and amazing cheerleader-Deb).  And then another video of her playing.

Here, Grace gets a pass, a save and an assist.

Here, Grace shows how tough she's been playing.  In fact, at the end, you can hear my surprise when I say "That's Grace!"

And lastly, another shot of our tough little player.  Taking a spill, but hopping right back up to join back in the game.  Her friend Ariel took off with it and got the goal (with a tiny tap from the other team :).  For some reason sometimes when you watch these videos in order, the last repeats one of the other videos.  If that happens, refresh your page and watch the last video again.

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness..."
2 Corinthians 12:9a

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