Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thank you, God

When Daddy is home he prays with us at meals and also at Family Bible and Worship time in the evenings.  The children will often take turns praying during Bible time too-not always.  But, I always let them take turns praying over breakfast and lunch meals.  Our prayer in that is that they become more and more comfortable not only in the amazing privilege of prayer to our Father, God, but also that they become bold in praying aloud and praying with others.

When our foster children (or bonus children as I like to call them) came to our home, they seemed to have no idea about God, the Bible, prayer, etc.  Albeit, they are young, but at their age, they could have known about those things had they been taught.  It was sad to realize they didn't know anything about something so dear to us and such a huge part of our lives, but at the same time it was a reassurance of this ministry that we are a part of. 

So now, we look for little things, little glimmers that show us they are learning.  That they are learning about God and His Love for us.  About His Plan for our lives.  About how we are so unworthy but Christ still died for us and seeks after us to be His own.

Today, this was the prayer that our oldest foster daughter prayed at breakfast.  This is how she and her little sister both pray:

"Dear God, Thank you that we have a good day, thank you for Rachel making this food for us, thank you for Daddy coming home safe today, thank you for us getting to do something special, thank you that we're gonna have fun, Amen"

"Everything is thank you", I thought when I heard her again today.  And, at first, I thought that maybe we needed to have a talk about prayer and "how to do it".  Then, it was as if the Holy Sprit tsk, tsked me right there on the spot.  No!  She has it all right!  She is thankful!  Thankful for not only what God has already done...but what He's GONNA do!  We hadn't done our special thing yet and Daddy won't be home until later today.  Hers and our children's thankfulness will, we pray, grow into thanking God not only for the desires of their hearts, but even and especially in those storms as they come our way.  Trusting in Him to do what He sees best!

Thank you, Father, for the lessons we learn through these and our own precious children.
Our oldest Foster Daughter

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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