Monday, June 13, 2011

Just for our little friends.....

We thought we'd put a post up just for our young friends who follow or whose moms follow our blog.  And just for the fun of it-and to make them feel like celebrities-I thought I'd even put in 'some' of their names! (By the way, if you read our blog we'd LOVE for you to "FOLLOW" us on the side.  It'd be great to see who all reads and where you're from!)

So, these pictures are just for YOU Cameron P, Anthony, Jamason and Elijah G., Logan and Kyla D.!!    We thought you'd enjoy the latest wildlife discovered around our home.

As promised, I snuck out and tried to snap a few pictures of an additional bird nest on the front of the house.  This one is in the lantern light that is attached to the garage door.  I realized we could remove the top of it and get pictures without touching or disturbing the baby birds.  G. Family, what kind of birds did we show the other day in our blogpost
We know what those are, but we have not figured out what kind of birds belong to this new nest yet.  It's been hard to catch a good look at the momma.  But here are a few pictures we saw of a baby bird in the nest.  Maybe someone can tell us what they are by looking at their eggs?  We thought they might be sparrows, but Andy said they had a little red spot on their heads.

Here is a picture a week ago.  We think he looks a little like beef jerky...with hair.  Click on the pictures to see them up close!
Then, here are 2 pictures I took Saturday.  Little more hair, little less jerky.

We also wonder why the other two eggs are not hatching.  They may be duds?

Today I noticed Nathan out in his normal spot looking for critters.  And he was not disappointed.  He found this guy hanging out on the front of the house.
He was up about 10 feet off the ground.  I'm pretty sure this was a different froggy than the other night.

So, of course, Nathan decided he needed to catch it.  With the help of a stepladder,  a fishing net, and his stealthlike ninja skills he caught it!
Like Rachel's towel skirt?  The kids had been playing in the sprinkler.

Here are a few fun pictures we took of the Froggy after they caught it.

Cousin Ella (she turned 1 on Friday) was here and Nathan thought she might like to see it.  She was a little skeptical at first.
Then she decided she would go ahead and touch it.
After that, she thought she'd just take him right out of Nathan's hand!

She grabbed the poor dude right by his noggin.

After everyone had a turn looking at it, they let the frog go.

"But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows."
Luke 12:7

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Corina said...

LOVE the pic of Nathan with the frog on his head!!! : ) The boys loved the birds, of course. We love all the colors in the swallows.....and sure with we had some baby birds to observe! Thanks for sharing yours!