Monday, April 26, 2010

She made the Cover!!

We were pleasantly surprised today when we got the mail from the mailbox.  In our mailbox were two copies of the latest Homeschool Enrichment magazine.  Grace was on the cover!!  The funny thing is that it actually took me a minute of looking over the cover before I realized it was her!

Remember this post where I said that Christopher Maxwell came and took photos of the kids with the intent to submit them as cover shots for this magazine?  Well, we had not heard from him that they were accepted or when they might be published.  We really had not expected it to be so soon.  This magazine has not been published nor sent out yet (it's the May/June issue) but it will be soon.  When it is, you can see a copy of it on their website.  We were just excited and had to share! Oh, and yes, that really is my laundry in the background.  Should I be proud that my laundry made the cover as well?

So, I have to be sure and say that this is all property of Homeschool Enrichment magazine.  Photo courtesy of Christopher Maxwell photography (Thank you Christopher!).  And, while we're at it, clothing provided by Grace's Granny! She bought her the really pretty blue dress!  (Thank you Granny!)

"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children."
Isaiah 54:13


Corina said...

AWESOME!!! :) How cool is that?!

Always an Adventure said...

Yay for Gracie! That is so neat!!!

Our Army of Six said...

Thanks! Grace was so excited!

RevNick1986 said...

This is awesome!