Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mid February thru Mid March

In February we had some guests come to see us.  Our friends Lindsay F. came with her precious boys and Nick C. was so nice to drive her up here.  We had so much fun.  We went shopping, we went to Fritz's Railroad restaurant, we took the kids (and Mr. Nick sledding).  We had such a great time with them. It was a blessing to have them visit!  Here's a collaboration of pictures from their visit.
The first week of March Granny and Papa came to visit.  Friday when they got here was Granny's birthday and both the girls wanted to make her a birthday cake.  So, since we are in Kansas, they made her "Sunflower Cake".  We also took them to Fritz's and they came to church with us at the nursing home.  The boys also went to Cabella's while the girls went shopping.  Unfortunately, some of the pics were lost on Andy's phone, but here are a few pictures from their visit.
We also had the last of the kids' basketball games the weekend Granny and Papa were here.  We were again blessed with very positive experiences with the kids sports.  We know as they get older it will be harder and harder to find those positive experiences so we're all enjoying it while we can and so thankful for such sweet friends made through it.

Later in March we were able to go to Oklahoma to the preview for the new Children's zoo at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  It was really neat to go see.  Our friend Lindsay F. and my sister in law Rebekah and my neice and nephews were able to come with us!  Here are some pictures from that trip!

Toward the end of the children's zoo, we visited the petting zoo and the Lorikeet cage.  My absolute favorite (and I think the favorite of everyone) was visiting the Lorikeets.  As soon as you walk in their cage, they come over and land on your arm, head, anywhere trying to get food from you.  We all purchased little cups of nectar for them to drink.  It really was the best.  Here are a few pictures from the petting zoo and the Lorikeet cage.

Thanks for taking this quick trip with me.  I have a few more blog posts in order to catch up completely!

"And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."
Mark 16:15


Corina said...

LOVE the sunflower cake - very cute! And I'm glad you are back...I've missed your updates!

Our Army of Six said...

Well, I will TRY to be back. I saw on Marla Taviano's blog something about 1 picture a day and I thought...hmm, that just might have to do :)