Sunday, February 14, 2010

I "heart" Memories..

Today is Valentine's Day and while we're not big into "celebrating" holidays like this, I couldn't help but think back to when Andy and I were first getting to know each other.  My dear, sweet fella decided to go fishing with a friend on our first Valentine's Day as a "couple".  (Yes, and I loved him still...) Since we wouldn't be spending that afternoon together, I decided to surprise him with a fun Valentine gift.  My friend and I snuck into his apartment while he was still in class (before he went fishing) and blew up several packages of red and white balloons.  The plan was to fill up his apartment with balloons so that when he walked in they would all swish around him.  Well, his apartment was too big and it would have taken us forever and we wouldn't be able to finish before he got back, so we decided to move them all into his bedroom and shut the door. We filled his bedroom with tons of balloons and I left a card and gift (probably candy, I don't remember for sure).  He had set all of his fishing gear right by the front door for when he got out of class and was ready to leave for fishing.  So, I moved it all into his room so he would have to go in there to get his fishing stuff and I shut the door.

He later relayed to me what happened when he got home.  He got home and went to grab his fishing gear and it was all gone. This concerned him and he thought someone had broken into his apartment and taken it.  (I hadn't considered that in my scheme, but it made it so much better!)  Then he noticed his bedroom door was shut so he thought that someone might still be in the apartment!  He tiptoed to his bedroom door and then, when he was ready, he burst through the door into the room ready to attack if necessary.  Imagine his surprise when he burst through that door and 200 balloons scattered and flew all around him!!  I still laugh outloud picturing that taking place.

Now, 14 years later, he's still my fella.  Only, I think that was the last time he went fishing on a special day instead of spending it with me when he could.

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine..."
Song of Solomon 6:3

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