Sunday, September 02, 2007

But, how do you know that?

Today, Superman was being extremely curious. More curious than normal. From the backseat of the car... Let me stop there and set this up for you. Most of our "epiphanies" or deep discussions take place in the car and usually involve a child yelling the deep question from the back seat:

Kid: "Mommy, what was that on the road?"
Mom: "Um, a kitty"
Kid: "why was it laying there?"
Mom: "Oooo, look at that Big truck over there!"

Kid: "Mommy, when are we gonna have another baby?"
Mom: "Whenever God gives us another baby. Have you asked God for another baby?"
Kid: "Yes."
Mom: "What did He say?"
Kid: "Yes, just not yet"
Mom: *Sniff*

Kid: "Who made the trees, road, cars, kitties, clouds, grass, Sister, Brother, candy, hamburgers, dogs, mud, signs, people......"
Mom: "God" or "People made that, but God gave us the stuff to make it from. Like when you make a House out of your legos"
Kid: "So, God made Legos?"
Mom: "...... Uh-huh."

You get the picture. Okay, back to today. From the backseat I hear a dozen questions ranging from "Mommy, what day is church day?" to "How do we know when we have to move" (remember we move a LOT with the army), "How does the Taco Bell guy know we're back here?" (drive-thru) or "What time is it?" After I'd answer each question, he'd say "Mommy, how do you know that? How do you always know that?" He was obviously intrigued by how brilliant his Mommy was. Thank you Lord for my children to boost my confidence!

I know that someday he's gonna realize that his Mommy doesn't know everything, but that's okay. I hope at the same time he realizes that Mommy trusts God in all of those things-even when I don't know the answers or the reasons why.

Love ya little man!

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