Friday, August 31, 2007

One lump or two?

So, this morning I wake up to my husband saying "did you make coffee?". In my nicest Pre-coffee, 'you woke me up for this' voice I said "no". He says "Are you sure, because there's coffee in there". I roll over and scooch back under the covers and tell him that he made it and in his old age of 31 he forgot that he had already made coffee. He shakes his head and wanders back down the hallway looking like the dad in Mary Poppins when he sees her holding the Nanny Advertisement his children had made. Remember? He had torn up and thrown into the fireplace so when he saw it he started going through the motions of tearing it up and throwing it in the fireplace? Okay, yea if I have to explain it's not as funny.

Anyway, 5 minutes later he comes back there with a Eureka expression on his face. "You're not gonna believe this!" I opened one eye and just looked at him. He said that my Einstein (the 8 yr old) came in and said that he had made coffee this morning. Captain asked how in the world he knew how to make coffee (never mind that my husband's blood type is Caffinated and that Einstein has seen him make a pot of coffee every day since birth). With the biggest grin an 8 yr old could have Einstein says "Yesterday I watched you so I'd know exactly how to make it today."

Dad: "Well, how many scoops did you put in it?"
E: "4, one for every 2 cups".
Dad: "Did you use beans or the grounds?"
E: "I ground up the beans in the grinder"

So, I come in after this conversation and I have to tell you my curiosity won and I tried the coffee. Zing! After today Einstein has a new chore on his morning list. He will be making coffee for me everyday until he leaves for college. It was actually wonderful! My husband's coffee is usually so strong it tastes like an ashtray. Einstein's coffee made me feel like the mom on the folger's commercial. I just sat there and Mmmmed and Awwed.

We'll be installing a drive up window in the kitchen soon so we can cash in on his new talent!

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