Thursday, August 23, 2007

3 down, 177 left to go.....

We have successfully completed 3 days of school. Yea! No one has gotten too upset. We've had a few tears, a little bit of whining, and a few bouts of anger, but I think I'm gonna be okay now. The kids seem to be doing fine. We're just using a lot of new stuff we haven't used before so it's gonna take us a week or two to get used to it.

We also have never schooled 4 children at the same time. I don't feel like I sit down all day. I move from one kid to the next, one subject after another. All different age levels, all different learning styles. It is really taking some getting used to.

I am, however, loving that I get to learn about all of my children. My Princess is a daydreamer. She can read an entire page, outloud-even placing emphasis on the words-and get to the end of the piece and not know a single thing she just read. We have to read 2-3 sentences at a time and stop to make sure she understands it. She's brilliant and reads way above her grade level. She just gets distracted that quickly and easily.

My Einstein loves learning, but prefers it in the fast lane. The kid works through math questions in seconds, plays the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis (his C-scale is complete in 2 seconds flat!), and reads a 100 page book in an hour! I'm NOT exaggerating. I think maybe he hasn't understood so I quiz him on these things. Always over 90% accurate! How does he do that? Yet, somehow it takes a whole day to pick the underwear up off the floor?

My little Superman is a perfectionist. Yes, one of THOSE! His A's have to be just right, we trace the line perfect or we erase and try again. I've now noticed how his bed must be made to perfection. Who knew a 5 year old could make hospital corners better than his army dad? I think I need to learn to tap into this trait with him. What can we find for him to clean.....

My little Angel baby loves to learn. She is learning everything her siblings are learning. What does a badger eat? Chipmunks! *Gasp* as her mouth drops open. What is 34+21? Well, fourteen-seven of course! What color is the water in the Caspian Sea? Well, Duh, it's purply pink! See, she's gonna love school!!

The biggest thing I've learned so far is that all of my children have picked up these traits from - Ack! - ME!! I have to chant in my head "I'm doing the dishes now, I'm doing the dishes now" or I'll go into the other room and start cleaning the bathtub, or playing the piano or cleaning out my photo albums. Yes, it's bad! I work best under pressure when I can get it all done in an hour. Maybe because I must stay focused during that time or it won't get done before company rings the doorbell? I am, unfortunately, a perfectionist with many things. My superman and I will attend counselling together about that one. And lastly, I love things that are different and I love things MY WAY! Ha! Can we say Hot pink skirt with big green frogs on them anyone? Only some of you will remember those.

I LOVE to be different. I've only recently remembered that about me. Over the last several years I have allowed other people in my life to tell me how I was supposed to be and, unfortunately, I've allowed them to convince me I was 'bad' because I was different. I've worried so much about what those people thought that ultimately, I have lost myself and become what I don't want to be at all. Well, my children are teaching me that it's okay for me to be different. (Well, them and my divalicious sister I visited this summer. Thanks Kim for the diva glasses. I only wear them at night so I can feel like a movie star! :*) I'm here to please my Lord and Saviour-not my extended family members or acquaintances. My children are helping me to be the ME I'm supposed to be.

I'll keep you posted on how things are going and on all the things we learn together!!

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